Soooo....I have a job interview thursday afternoon!!

I'll be so busy going up to it that other than a bit of reading up, and finding something not too lab-shabby to wear for the meeting, I'm just going to not worry about it too much. I'll go in and do my best at not being a gibbering fool and sell myself well and then either they like me or they don't, right?

But, get excited?

Oh. Yes. Yes I will be doing that :)



grapecat said…
awesome possum!
you will do just grand, I know it. Congratulations! and remember - you don't have to make decisions until you get there. so don't panic :)
Pacian said…
Eek! Good luck! I think you have the right attitude. :)
the Bag Lady said…
Yay! You will rock the interview, I'm sure!
Good luck.

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