Double the turkey...mmm...

Well...I'm back.
We had a fantastic weekend. It wasn't exactly restful but it was a great time.
There was much tasty nibbles and I didn't go crazy and kill anyone while cooking a meal for 20 people, so hooray for that. J and my brother discovered a great hiking trail about 20 minutes from the cabin I had no idea about, so J and I went back and spent a sunny windy saturday hiking 5.5Km through the woods by the Gem lakes - a cluster of tiny lakes named after jewels...we walked by Opal, Diamond, Pearl, Sapphire and Jade lakes...and not a bear in sight. Beautiful and just what we needed. J and I love to hike and it's been a long time...we'll definitely go there again.
J at Sapphire Lake

Sunday was Make a Whole Lotta Food Day. Dad had invited many friends over, and some of them brought salads and pie and together we all had 2 turkeys (one gluten free) and 2 kinds of stuffing (bread and rice) and potatoes and yams and sooooooooo much good stuff. Everyone pitched in and my restaurant timing skills came back. I even had a little time once the burd was baking to go out for a run in the woods to let off some stress...and then come back to wine and cheese and fruit nibbles until the big feast. It was a great way to thank all the people who've been so kind to Dad in the last year up there...and they're all great people to visit with.
It was so nice to see my Dad. It's nice to be able to do things for him...he's done so much for me that I was so glad to help with the feast. I offered brunch and supper while up there (cooking for a group with a lot of weird dietary needs is a challenge, but I'm willing to do a lot of the cooking as it relaxes me...most of the time). Lunch was fend for yourself and breakfast/brunch was on my timeline...which ruffled a few feathers on my sis-in-law, but ...well...she tends to be that way and I don't deal with passive agressive guilt trips...I just deflect them back, particularly when they're over silly things like mealtimes and taking advantage of me. I decided last year when I got all bent out of shape at being delegated as chief cook on family holidays that my holidays are not entirely for the service of others. I can cook for large groups with little stress, so I've just planned it out and then I take the afternoons off to relax - fair enough I figure. We got to visit lots, and my attempt at gluten free, dairy free, beef free, preservative free cuisine (particularly a damn tasty gluten free pumpkin angel food birthday cake) was superb...we definitely had a nice gluttonous weekend. Despite a little expected melodrama (sigh) we all survived.
Monday we got another turkey dinner at J's folks on the way home (he heh. burp) and now life is back to norm...well except we have no hot water....but we're working on that. The dude came over to look at what's up with our new water heater and I'm home for a bit waiting to see what's what...listening to a cacophany of cats as they try and convince me to let them in off the deck before the repair guy leaves. (Rowrwrwrwoooooowrowor?)
Hopefully all will be well and I can head back to work to get a bit more done before I dive into my MSc stuff for a bit. It was a nice little holiday. Hope your weekend was good too. :)


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