"And just look at what you've won!!!"

Yesterday at the end of my workday I was called up to a meeting where I was given a shiny letter of offer - yes indeedy! I got the job I interviewed for last week! I have to pick a start date, but it will be much sooner than expected. Likely mid-november. Meep! I'll be quiet about it at work until I can hand in a proper letter of resignation so I don't offend anyone, but hot damn! I did it!
I really did it. I
t wasn't until I walked up to get the news that I realised how much I wanted this new job. How I would have been so terribly disappointed to not get it.


To celebrate, J and I went out for El Salvadorian food at a favourite local place. Mmmm...I had cheese stuffed peppers and rice and beans and horchata and one damn fine mojito to toast my brilliance :). THEN, as luck would have it, J scored tickets to a play, so we took the night off to celebrate. The play was FANTASTIC. We saw Nevermore -It's a morbid musical on the life of Edgar Allen Poe by a theatre company from Edmonton. Creepy and dark and very Tim Burtoney in costume style with dark humour. I absolutely loved it. Perfect Halloween entertainment.

Now today begins the handing in my resignation (I've never done that before...) and then picking a start date and then adding the craziness of a new job and closing down the old to the pile of nustofaction already in place for November. I'd prefer to start December, but after meeting with them I can see why they need me as soon as possible. Sooooo I have to make sure I give myself enough time to finish up here, but not go crazy, what with all my school stuff going on now too.
Heh. Heh.

My dad is coming to visit on his way through to BC tomorrow. We'll likely go out for supper for my birthday a bit early and definitely celebrate the new job. I can't really afford another evening off, but I'll figure it out.

Yeah. Busy crazy few days it's been and will continue to be.

This AM I was a ball of excitement and got up for boot camp class and was NOT disappointed. She did a whole class of cardio intervals interspersed with many many tabata sets of things. Oh yes...it was as evil as it sounds. Tabata sets...of lunges. All on one leg...then on to the other leg...then Tabata sets of other compiled exercises. Then more cardio. Then more tabata. I pushed myself...muscles burned...I swore...I now feel like jello.
It was brilliant :)

I am truly grateful for everything right now.
I am trying not to think about the fact that I now must add in closing down my job and winding up things for the department now. Update inventories. File documents. Finish up all the little things I've left to do in "spare time" which will now need to be finished up sometime. And a few experiments to finish up too...heh.
All the things on my "to do" list have to get done in a few weeks. If you don't hear from me in the next while, rest assured...that shiny whizz you see fluttering about is me, getting things done :)




grapecat said…
yay!! fab news - well done you!! Any chance you can take a break between them? Later on, no one will really remember that you made them wait an extra week...
and remember - you probably don't have to finish *everything* - just document :)
hip hip hooray!!
the Bag Lady said…
Congratulation! I knew you could do it!
Way to go! And you can't afford not to have another evening off.

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