Writer's Block

I have hit a brick wall trying to write up my data.
I've stared at it for days...trying this and that. Getting all worked up. Stressing out over the fact that in 3 days I have to have some sort of outline for my supervisor as to details of what I want to say.

And what do I want to say?
Hells if I know.

All I know is my husband and all my friends are out for halloween and I am at home drinking lychee cocktails and trying to make my brain produce a few lines of intelligence so that I can take off my birthday tomorrow without guilt. J *is* technically doing lights at the party, but...
All I know is I have nearly nothing to show for days of work. I really need to figure this out. How I will not think about it tomorrow and relax is utterly beyond me...here's hoping I can.

Cuz this is just brutal...


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