C is for cookie that's good enough for me

Tomorrow night, a week early, we are having a bonfire. Partly for my birthday, partly for a friend who is moving to Toronto (sniff) and partly as a thanks for the crew who works on J's music show. I just made pumpkin cookies for it and I'm trying very hard not to eat them all. (mmm...cakey goodness).
Weather should be not too evil and we have lots of wood. It's become an annual thing and a nice way to close off fall and have one last outdoor shindig before the snow comes. Altho I have grand images of wildly dancing around a hug bonfire, it will likely be a guitar being passed around some smiling people, some beer, hot cocoa and munchables and a relaxing evening. This weekend will be a lot of work on my project and wondering if I get the job I interviewed for today. Things went VERY well with that, so it seems to be a very good chance I could get the job...and that it would perhaps start sooner than I'd imagined. Which is OK in a way. I'm hoping I could convince them that December is a good time to start...so my brain doesn't combust with a new job and trying to get permission to write my thesis in November. I could do it...I'd jsut rather stagger my insanity into reasonable large chewy chunks instead of a huge forcefeeding nozzle of stress.
We shall see...that would be upcoming. Why worry about what might not even be.

I am tactfully ignoring my project, but I think I'll do a bit of tallying before I bumble off to sleep. Tomorrow is my friday off of work (new job wouldn't have those...sniff) so I'm heading in for a full day of MSc instead of job. Here's hoping I can get lots done. I'd be giddy if I could finish all my basic stats by sunday. A freaky but exciting thought, as then I will have to try and say something about the results, whatever they end up being...

Just one more cookie and I'll be good to go...


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