Light goes on. Light goes off. Light goes on. Light goes off.

I now have a light switch for the kitchen in the hallway so it's not above the stove. Not having a switch right above a gas range seemed me crazy. There's holes all over in the walls and things cut and drilled for all wires, a new subpanel and wiring for a light in the pantry (meep). Dad is amazing. I can't believe he can just up and do all this stuff. And to code :). Yes I will soon be able to plug in 2 things in my kitchen at the same time and not blow a breaker! I can scarcely believe my good fortune.

Heh. My Dad's a wiring machine.
He's very good about just making things happen. Things I know nothing about how to do. Yes. It's coming along. He's happy to be busy. Another day of wiring and then it will be new counter top and faucet day. THEN tile day. Then a rangehood....THEN OVEN!



Yes. Good start on things I'd say.

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the Bag Lady said…
Sounds wonderful! Dads are the best!!

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