I am so excited. Tonight, in the old Roxy theatre, I get to see a film print of Metropolis
You know, one of my favourite films?

In 1927 Fritz Lang made a silent black and white film...a science fiction film. It is amazing.

And tonight I can see it in a theatre that looks like it did in the 20s...and....AND the Saskatoon Symphony will be playing the original german sheet music written to play with it while the film plays.

Yup...J and I are going out on a date. It's been too long...



Missicat said…
Sounds like great fun!
FWIW, there's an even longer, more fully restored version that is beginning to make the festival rounds. (I'm assuming this isn't it, because if it were, that would mean Saskatoon got the longer, more fully restored version before Vancouver did, and that would be wrong. Just wrong.)
Geo said…
No-it would be about bloody time...
Pacian said…
Yeah, who knows what version you'll get, but Lang's vision is impossible to dilute.

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