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Game for review: Settler's of Catan Dice Game

Rating: sub-meh (just shy of dullsville)

Well, what can I say?
Last night at my brother's my sis-in-law pulled out this game after supper and a few rounds of dominoes for a "change of pace"...and it pretty much killed all fun in the room. She loves this game, but I have to say - I don't. Not only is it rather convoluted and confusing at first (especially if you haven't played the original Settler's of Catan Game, which my Dad and Mako hadn't) but it's just not that fun. It's a convoluted much duller version of Yahtzee. If you like dice games, just play dice games. Don't bother with this. We didn't even finish half the game...
Heh...Can you tell I didn't like it?
I should clarify: I love Settler's of Catan. It's a relatively simple strategy game that only goes for a max of 2 hours and can be fun for 1-4 players. The dice game version of it is just capitalising on people's love of the game, and it sucks all the strategy and game play out of the original. It turns it into mindless dice rolling.

Final Review: Just play the original game. If the original is too hard for you...well...go eat some vitamins and learn something dammit. Come on. You've got to try harder.

Geo out.


Missicat said…
Sounds like a game I would try..Thanks for the tip!

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