with more blue

Ah...last night was the second coat of blue on the cupboards. And I'm glad I get a few days break...I was so tired I made silly mistakes. I need a break. I watched 2 men's figure skate routines and crashed asleep. Thankfully that's it until the weekend...where I might just slack off and just grout and seal the cupboard edge and relax...the renos are taking over and I would like a bit of relaxing - it's a catch between wanting to be done and wanting to just relax a bit. Thankfully tonight I am going to my brother's for supper and relaxing. Can't work there :)
And as promised - here are a few photos of the whole shebang:


out comes the counter and sink...and in with the new counter:
George is here... He made us burgers!! Tiles are in! Range hood is in...
After sanding, grouting the tiles and priming the cupboards (Geek helped. Howling is helping...):

Then came the blue...finally!

And THAT is what I've been doing the last few weeks. BUT, now I can relax and let the paint cure for a few days...thank goodness.


On a completely off topic, I have had the Wax Mannequin song Umbrella in my head all day...I can't find the video, but I wish you could hear all of the "and Gun"'s great.
This mellow song "This Weather" will do in a pinch but it doesn't even come close to capturing whatever Wax Mannequin is...

With lyrics like "pick up a power blaster. You can shoot the lasers. You can be a master like the heroes on TV. You can shoot them 1 by 1 or 1,2,3..."
Ah...time to relax a bit...


the Bag Lady said…
LOVE what you've done with the place! :)
Seriously, I do - I really like the colour, and everything looks great.

(Hmmm, how is your dad with putting down flooring? I want to replace my lino with something.... maybe laminate.... :)!)
Cheryl Kohan said…
We finished a kitchen reno about a year ago. It's worth the hassle!

(Well, "Hi there", Bag Lady...fancy meeting you here. We have laminate in our kitchen and I absolutely LOVE it. But get a good quality. There's some awful stuff out there.)
George kicks ass! I like his tile backsplash, too.

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