Freak out session

I have learned I have my first committee meeting in 5 weeks, where I have to talk about what I've been doing on my MSc so far (har har) and then give a talk. Then a week later give a 30 minute talk on it.

Nothing to make you hyperventilate and try and play catch up on a project you can only work at in your free time when you haven't really had any for the last 2 months. I honestly am fighting the wig outs, as I feel like I'm eternally behind, what with everything from January and then my kitchen still being incomplete. I have tried to fit in a few days of normality this week, as I don't think I'll be getting any until...oh...mid april. I will be working saturdays or sundays (or both) until then too. Blech.


Well... I signed up for this. No use whinging about it.
Here we go.
I've taken the time to get my shit together and I'm starting at hard core catch up.
I figure I have to try my best...then I know I've done what I can. This is too important to me to screw up...I've decided I'm going to reward myself with a few weekly workouts at the kinesiology centre when I keep up here. I've got a free membership while I'm in school...I should use it as often as I can, seeing as I'll be practically living here the next 6 weeks :)


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