Tile MASTER!!!

Dad and I worked on the house ALL weekend.
Yesterday (thanks to my house being somewhat shoddy and my Dad's not making lists) we made 3 trips out for stuff and spent 17 hours working. Yes...apparently my sink pipes, tap valves and the sewer gas pipes were damaged and needed to be all replaced before the sink could go back in...

BUT - The wiring is completed and inspected (all those wires and circuits and subpanel passed! Way to go Dad!). THEN Dad and I cut and installed the new countertop. THEN Dad installed the sink back with a new faucet (looks awesome) while I patched and filled and sanded the8 holes in the walls from running the wiring (my kitchen is now up to electrical code - hooray!). THEN Dad and I put up ALL the glass tiles for behind the stove and for the backsplash. We finished last night at 11, but it's done except for the grouting. I placed and Dad cut. We work very well together. We were determined to get it all done, as I can't take more time off until friday, and George (the stove) is being installed tomorrow, so the tiles had to at least be in place by then. And I was determined that if I took a day off to do it, I wanted to DO IT.

The tiles are white and blue glass...I have grout that is a light grey, but I'm still humming and hawing...maybe light blue? White?? I'm so indecisive. I have a few days to change my mind...the thinset needs to cure.

I have changed my mind about refinishing the cupboards...turns out they're poorly made, so instead of trying to sand and refinish them with varnish, I'm going to paint them a nice blue colour. Then we can put on the new handles. Dad is still cutting down the cupboard above the stove so we can put in the range hood fan. And there's some lights for above the sink...but MAN... so much done!
Dad's been happy to be busy. I'm just giggling, as I've been imagining all this in my head since last JUNE...it's awesome to have it happen.

I will post pics eventually. Right now I'm very behind on my MSc as I spent ALL weekend working on the kitchen and not it (heh) so I have LOTS to do. Soon I promise.

Right now...worky worky for me...


the Bag Lady said…
I'm looking forward to pictures. Hope you took a "before" picture so we can be amazed about all the work you did!
Does this mean George's side panels finally arrived? Yay!
Geo said…
Yes George is complete...and he makes a mean pie.

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