yellow wellie walkabout

J and I just went for a loooooooong walk through the woods.
The great melting has begun so I wore my bright yellow mudboots. The birds are coming back and you can actually see bits of ground through the snow. The wettening has come.
Thre's nothing like seeing a huge muddy path and puddles and just tromping through them. It was all I could do to resist hopping up and down in the puddles like a little kid.

Neat :)


Pacian said…
I liked walking in mud and jumping in puddles when I was a kid, which is strange, because I didn't like getting dirty at all.
Diddums said…
I wasn't much of a puddlejumper, but I loved making mud drinks and autumn leaf cornflakes.
Wasp Jerky said…
When I was a kid I used to put dirt in my hair, so that I could then take a shower and feel the sensation of washing it all out and watching it go down the drain. If only I had had yellow boots, too.

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