Saturday, March 03, 2007

Sunday Scribbles: superstition

To me it's all a sort of mythology.
Stories and tales of things that happened to "so-and so's sister" and "this guy I knew at work, honest!". I firmly believe that if you want something to happen enough, you can nudge it into reality by fixating on it. I'm sure there is a basis to a lot of supersititions, but others not so much. My friend's Mum was very superstitious...she had all manner of odd ways of doing things and if we deviated...well, we'd brought the bad thing that happened to occur on ourselves. It seemed to add a a lot of needless stress to her life and those of us around her. It also took a bit of the sting out of the bad luck, but a unfortunately a little of the wonder away from the good.

My solution?

Well, I'm more in favour of gremlins, myself. I like the idea of the world I live in having a mind of it's own - that it is reactive to what I do and say. It seems fitting that good deeds are rewarded, ill are punished and occasionally, mischeif is afoot.

Of course, this means to level it all out, there are good *and* bad gremlins...and that opens the world a bit further and makes me nervous and excited at the same time. It adds an air of unpredictability to life. It makes me try and do good, to keep from creating a hurt and malevolent forces who will be bent on revenge - if only because some other poor unsuspecting soul might get the brunt of what I really deserve. And I'd rather think of things that go missing or break unexpectedly as the result of mischeivous companions that I could only see if I looked close enough and quickly enough out of the corner of my eye...and not just clumsy old me.

It's just more fun that way.

....another sunday scribble


Pacian said...

Just don't get them wet.

Tori said...

So link on 'Sunday Scribblings' caught my eye because you posted under the same name as me, and when I linked to your blog-you have the same blog format as mine-ironic that this happened on a superstition prompt.

Geosomin said...

spooky...! Actually, think the scribbly people just made a miff...I like that it happened on that topic though.

Wanna know something else spooky?
I used to have that photo as my avatar...ooooooooooooooh.

gautami tripathy said...

Spooky? AWWW.....