so sari

In case you just had to know - here's a close up from the hindu society vegetarian dinner I went to on sunday with some girls I work with. We clean up pretty good I think. It's so you can see my know, just in case there was any doubt of my fertility in the general populace...There's more photos at home, but I'm not at home, so if there's any more good ones on my camera I'll stick them on my flicker account.


Anonymous said…
Hi Heather,
I know this is off topic, have you given any thoughts to a Shambhala costume this year. You should do a post about that.
I am all about planning for Shambhala. It is my big retreat away from kids and responsibilities this year. Can't wait to see you there, and can't wait for you to come visit us.
We miss you,
It becomes you, it really does. :)
Geosomin said…
Hiya Troy... Oh I have plans!
I'm a workin on it...I plan a full out Tank GIrl bra and costume to suppliment the helmet I made last year, as well as a few other ideas I've been kicking around...once my "makin stuff room" is done I'm switching into full time Shambhala production :)
I can't wait to see you guys for the Police's been ages since we've seen you.

Pete-thanks! :)
Magnus said…
I expect a recipe for curried cornbread or a chutney twinky posted up soon.
Diddums said…
Lovely hairstyle. Mine is OK at the moment, but I would quite happily swop it for yours. :-).
Pacian said…
Hey, you look just like you!

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