Meme reboot

Well it's certainly been a while since I did this...

Current attire: Jeans, brown wool jacket with Mendala on the back, brown shirt, purple Docs

Current mood: A bit tired and nervous. I have to present something tomorrow to a class and I've never done it before. I'm trying to not worry about it...

Current music: "Into the Unknown" by Ekoplex

Current annoyance: I have great data to present at a conference in the US in spring, but now that I'm officially graduated there are no funds available for me to go and present it. WTF??

Current thing: Trying to revert to "normal" and still find the time to reorganize my life. It's gonna take a while. That and not eat everything in sight...

Current song in head: Bottle of Blues by Beck

Current video in player: A tape of the Back to the Future animated series (I know I didn't know it existed either) a friend got J for his birthday. It's terrible in an endearing way...

Current  DVD in the player: Third Season of Harvey Birdman.

Current refreshment: Coffee

Current worry: The lack of worry. That and the thought that once I revert to normal life I will somehow be unhappy with it. There are a lot of things I didn't have to deal with because I was so busy and now...well...I've got time for life again, whatever that is.

Current thought: Is it lunch time yet?? 


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