Slow sunday

I would like a holiday. A proper one. I'm ready I think.
A good week off of all things.
It isn't until I have a day like today full of nothing at all but a late lazy breakfast followed by random puttering and hot Earl Grey and fresh muffins after doing mundane lazy yard chores that I remember that this *is* in fact what life is supposed to be like. I was going to attack the front deck, but just don't want to.
It's a bit...well...slow from what I"m used to, but I quite like the lack of "go go go go!!"

My Dad's in for a visit before he flies out in the morning to visit family in BC and we're having a family supper out in Warman, but for now it's just muffins and ale.

I am looking forward to reorganizing my basement to clear out Craftoria, so I can have it free and organized to explore all manner of creativity down there on slow days such as's quite exciting. J is trying to work on some audio stuff, but his gear is suddenly not speaking to he gave up to read a book. I don't blame him. There's only so long you can bang your head on the wall. I can't help one bit, with the gear so I've stuck to providing muffins. Muffins help in circumstances I think...

Speaking of muffins...


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