Gorram computers

You know, I really got a bit of writing done...then I had a bit of writer's block. Then Word crashed to the eternal spinning wheel of doom.  I have a feeling I may have lost my work for tonight.
So yeah... I'm done with the paper for the night.

I'm pumped. We have an architectural photographer on campus to take photos of the new lab building inside and out and I got to "dress" my lab so that me, and two other techies could pretend to be working in the lab for university stock photos. I am now "woman pipetting the red liquid" for all eternity. It was fun. Didn't feel like work at all.
I just enjoyed being in my lab. *my* lab.
All day.

So now I think I'm going to sit with my cat, have some popcorn and a beer.
Tomorrow is a reboot.



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