Das boot

Lovely weekend. Time away at Edmonton to relax with J - just the 2 of us. Time to relax, drink our long saved bottle of elderflower wine (thanks again K & N - it was divine), ride some rollercoasters, pick up a few worky costumes for work and some music. Drove the oh so styly borrowed minivan around. Woo.

I am most squeaky that I picked up a pair of dark purple Doc Martens boots. I saw them in Glasgow this spring on a stopover between trains and didn't get them, and regretted it...and so when I had the chance to see how comfy they are I decided to get them. My graduation present for my feet...and my brain... So. Comfy. The ultimate lab workboot :)

I am quite relaxed now. Not entirely sure what to do with all this time...it's gonna take a while to get used to.


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