maroon or blue? That's the $30 question

Dropped my thesis off at the bindary today. 5 copies printed and (I hope) all in order -only (ha ha) $30  a piece to have them bound. I swapped in the colour pages into the text copies this morning and I think I got it all back together properly. A few diagrams didn't print off right at the university, so I printed them off at home again this morning in a panic... and they are still not ideal, but look better than they did...and honestly? I just really don't care anymore. The proper good copy will be available online at the university as a pdf once my papers are published, so these are just "polite" copies for the college, my supervisors and me. In the end - not absolutely perfect, but good enough, and (most importantly) done. A photo not perfectly printed will not end the world.... Sheesh, I got all worked up again this morning getting it ready for the bindary and got quite stressed and then stopped and shook my head and took a breath - I realized how I don't have to feel this way anymore. I just decided what I had would have to do and that would be the end of it. I choose to be done with this.

Thankfully, I learned that I don't have to have my personal copy bound in the pukey browny maroon colour they require the university copies to be bound in - mine and Dad's will be navy blue. He heh. Nice, and no extra cost. They'll be ready in 10 days, when they can be submitted on time and then (ha ha) put on a shelf somewhere and promptly ignored. Ah academia.

I am finding it tricky to unwind. I find I am getting worked up over tiny details, if only because I feel I should be anxious about something. I think perhaps it's because I haven't worked out for a couple of weeks. I need my de-stressing sweaty endorphins more than I thought. I'll work out when I get home and see if that makes a difference...I must say, I'm looking forward to cooking long meals just for fun, sipping my homemade ale and starting belly dance classes again this fall.

Remind me again what normal people do anyways? :)


Anonymous said…
Good for you -- you must be glad it's all over now.

But it won't be long before the next thing to get wound up over comes along. :-) I think it reaches a point where we can't believe 'it' hasn't fetched up on our doorstep already!
Pacian said…
Congratulations on getting the thing done! :-)

I think normal people clutch for moments of personal meaning in a vast sea of time spent as a hired zombie in someone else's dream.

Or maybe that's just me.

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