How to avoid work

In my avoidance of abstract writing I have gone to the farmer's market, helped a friend move some boxes, ran errands and made lunch. I also discovered a very good wig for a possible Jem and the Holograms costume, striped pants for a potential revamp of my Tank Girl costume, and a kit for making pear cider. All great things. All *not* writing :).
Thing is,  I really almost physically react to having to spend time to put together 3 abstracts to send to a conference to try and present them in the spring. I don't wanna write them, but I *do* want to present them...if I am accepted I can travel, possibly somewhere very cool :) I just want to bake bread and relax, but I must do this today to get to my old TO supervisor by suppertime. First step is getting things accepted.

I will say though - J picked up my bound copies of the thesis yesterday...they're so purdy :)
The blue ones are quite classy indeed. Now I can try and get some paper's published...and some abstracts to present so the world can learn and use what I did. And then I can not deal with it anymore...I can't wait for graduation though. I have this general ennui about work in general at the moment and I wish I'd pop out of it. I just don't want to do or commit to anything for a while. Signing up for weekly bellydance classes was about as much as I care to commit to for the next while.

Time for a beer and some writing.


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