Microsoft can bite my arse

Up until 1 working on editing and formatting. Not all gloomy though - I had some company towards the end, since J had some of his music show volunteer crew over and out on the deck after his weekly shoot - it was nice to have people about as I edited. They're all great people...hearing laughter in the house always makes me smile. They were still enjoying themselves when I went to bed to sleep like a baby rock. Since my knee is *still* being a pain there was no workout today either...feeling downright lazy. Will get back to some fitness next week...I signed up for a fun run 5K this sunday which I am hoping to actually run so I'm giving my knee all the rest I can. We'll see - it may be a fun walk instead.

Spent the day fighting with Microsoft Word. Literally. There was yelling. Yes, ze Formatting, she is a bitch. And, yes, it *is* a she - no man could be this complicated! Particularly ranty with the new Word 2011...where everything is arbitrarily moved, it would seem. And, to do some more obscure formatting required for the thesis (which I must submit electronically) I must first find them in the new rediculously convoluted menus!! 

Soon my minions. Soon...

BUT, I am getting there. Sections 3 of 4 revised. Waiting for feedback on the last section and putting together all the supplemental appendices and such (oh the endless lists of chemicals, recipes and protocols). It is coming. Slow and steady win the bicycle...or something like that...


grapecat said…
microsoft can bite my arse
do-dah do-dah
microsoft can bite my arse
oh-de-do-dah day
Anonymous said…
I'm not fond of MS Word either... it has wasted a lot of time and caused a lot of vexation in the past!

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