jesus mary and joseph on a pogo stick

Once again, grad school farts in my face.
Seriously, my supervisor has had my discussion section since friday and only started to revise it tonight (she was "busy") and only sent me 1/3 of the total revised, when it was to be completed tonight. And it gets better - she feels there are "extensive" revisions remaining.
I am pissed.

But the thing is, I can only get so pissed, since all her revisions she has sent me are really good. They honestly make things WAY more clear and concise than I wrote them to be. They make the thesis better. She is the expert int he material and although my other supervisor has gone over them extensively and corrected for flow and grammar and general "making sensiness" she has the real nuts and bolts of it all in her head and is far better at making sure it all is expressed clearly.

It's just all the delays I can't bloody stand. All the back and forth. All the sending it by two people crap. She is so busy, that she just drags things the bloody well length of a football field out as far as time goes. She comments on all my hard work and asks why i don't involve her earlier but I do, in stages, when I can and she generally approves things before I go forward...and then revises the ever loving shit out of them again. Revising her own comments.  It's always for the better...but seriously.
I thought the point of a final draft was that you were almost done.

*I had a lot of bitter angry rage here but I deleted it...cause I'm a bit calmer now and I don't want to put that kid of spite and anger out there for you to absorb. And I"m calmer think about a bunny K? OR a piece of pie...



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