Went for a long walk this weekend with J at dusk. Saw fireflies! A rare treat. It was like nature knew we needed a break together...we saw (and heard!) bats, many types of birds (one I've never heard before sounded like some kind of scifi laser), fireflies, snakes and even a lumbering porcupine! (and mosquitos...he heh). Spent all saturday with J. It was amazing. Felt like a kid in skooshy love again.

I've had this song in my head ever since...

I was up until 4 last night proofing a thesis draft which was completely overhauled by my supervisor in TO and it is really coming together into a tight, fierce package 'o science. I needed to give it back to her to go over one last time before it goes to my local supervisor for what I hope will then be the last once over. My local supervisor is currently trapped in BC with his wife due to flooding and road closures so I have an extra day or so to work :). Things like that happening have changed my perception a bit -I'm just doing all I can on my end so that whatever happens time-wise I know I've done my best. What will be will be. Maybe it's the 3 hours of sleep talking, but I am weary of trying to force the world and others in it to do my meet my demands for August graduation. I am simply going to do all I can and hope for the best. Life will go on and I will finish in the end.



grapecat said…
courage indeed - hang in there - it will happen!!

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