Ha HA!

HaHA! Appendices!
(sorry...obscure Harvey Birdman joke...)
I am finished my mind numbing thesis appendices. Page after page listing all my recipes, chemicals, equipment, consumables and software used in my thesis and the companies that make them. Easily the most boring thing I've ever done. I had to resort to beer and full on dance music to keep going. J was out with friends so I had the house to myself, with the occasional dancing rant about the room. Finished right at 1AM when J got home. Feel very satisfied.
It really is coming together. I have a template of sorts to plop the thesis into now for the whole thing with all the borders and numbers and blah blah blah. And I am finishing up edits on the whole thing in the next few weeks with suggestions from my supervisors. It looks like a thesis now. It really does. I am hopeful that I actually may finish! To be honest, it is the first time I've actually felt this without a nagging doubt in my mind. I will finish. Even if my defence is delayed due to extraneous circumstances (like my external examiner being in an accident. Which (no joke) has already happened, so what else could possibly go wrong? Oh was that out loud? :P) this really will wind down soon...
Hot damn and hallelujah.
I"d better get brewing that celebratory IPA soon. This weekend perhaps?


Geosomin said…
Ha HA! Noses on dowels...

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