he thinks he's people

A car just drove by and made a loud weird bang as it passed. Gavin, near the window, hopped up to have a look. He turned and looked at me inquisitively and went "mrrrrpprprp??". I replied "dunno little buddy. What do you think it is?"
I swear he shrugged his shoulders before looking out again and settling down in a sunbeam.

I love that our animals trust and communicate with us - they really cohabitate and share our home.

The chickadees are back in the front hedge. It's a sunny 12 degree spring day and I'm preparing for a day of odd little chirpy noises from both the birds and the cats as I (yet again) work on my thesis in the sunshine in the living room. I have a whole section of thesis to gut and rework and prep for my supervisor to read by monday. Gotta go.
Later taters...


the Bag Lady said…
Cats are smart like that.

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