What else is there

I heard this this morning and now I can't get this song out of my head...

This weekend I decided to see how many crunchy delicious foods I could recreate healthily. We had baked onion rings and crunchy coated tofu and they were, seriously, better than any fried ones I've ever had (thanks to Oh She Glows for the recipes). Then at certain points we had baked apple oatmeal and spaghetti squash with almond/Panko coated baked chicken. All crunchy. All delicious.

How can you tell I cook to relax? :)

Other than a few brief periods of delusion where I tried to break up the monotony of typing my thesis and referencing said thesis by drinking beer with a straw and too much (yum) Gewurztraminer on sunday night, it was a productive, relaxing, tasty weekend.

We got out to see John Carter saturday night as a reward for working hard all day. It is fabulous. Made me feel like I was a 12 year old reading comics under my blanket with a flashlight again. A little cheesey, but full of imagination and boldness...hats off to the team that took A Princess of Mars and made a lovely little film about it. I loved Edgar Rice Burroughs's stories as a kid...so much imagination and amazing stuff came out of that man's mind. I'm glad to see a bit of it on the big screen...

And another week goes by...
Hope you all had a nice weekend :)


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