I feel ever so shiny right now.
It's been a low stressy hard working few days and I'm feeling it. Feeling like a thesis robot.
A friend of mine who will be retiring soon is old enough to be my mum and sort of is like a mum to me. She works in the building with me and is a sweet sweet lady. Today I went down to pick up something and ran into her she was just beaming. Glowing...and she smiled with the hugest grin and told me it was because she was so proud. of me.
She had been speaking to my supervisor about my project a while earlier and I guess he really had a lot of good things to say about me. That he was proud of my work and really thinks I am doing well -coming from him that is high praise indeed. I deeply respect him and her and I just feel all glowy inside to know that there are people cheering me on and people in my field who recognize what I am doing and that they see me for me and notice all my hard work. That I'm not just a thesis robot...I am so much more.

I am floating a few inches off the ground. It's like my mum came by from Neverland and hugged me.
Life somehow knows when to give you what you need just when you need a little nudge :)


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