Plans for the future from the past

Ah. March is here. Thank frog. It's been a mellow winter weather-wise, but so much has gone on to make the darkness a bit too gloomy...I for one would like to leave it behind for the warmth and excitement of spring. I like leap years but I hate february. I for one am glad it's gone.
I ran across this meme on a blog and thought it was cool, so I will do it, as a reason to post. I find that other than my fitness blog where I log workouts and such shite, I don't have a lot to post about, and don't want to whine incessantly about my thesis to you all. This is a good compromise I think.

It's questions about how you'd be living now, if you asked yourself these questions when you were a kid. Here's my answers at age ~10:

My profession would be: Egyptian archaeologist

My spouse would be: The lead singer of A-ha, Morten Harket... Man he was hot. *sigh*

My car would be: Red Mazda RX7

My home would be: old and rickety with a big wooden staircase and a turret like a castle with a private room at the top full of books. Oh - there would also be an observatory on the roof, with a spiral staircase to get to it, and a fireman's pole to get back down in a hurry. Or, in a pinch, a lighthouse would do! :)

My best friends would be: people who wouldn't tease me and wanted to play adventure games and have waterballoon fights. Kids who liked to skip rope, play games with imagination, go camping...we'd draw and paint and make milkshakes all day

My backyard would have: a big pad for skipping double dutch, and a big yard for running around in and lying in the sun (I had this. It rocked)

All my dinners would include: Jello and rootbeer

My kids/pets would be named: Max and Maura. My dog was named Scotty.

How about you??


the Bag Lady said…
I would definitely have to give this a lot of thought (it was a verrrry long time ago, 10) but the house with the turret? I am so with you there!

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