Lessons in not killing others...

I have the worst luck.

Last night I called my supervisor in TO to ask a question about properly comparing my data. She's had my summary for 4 months now...and only yesterday said "Oh, you know you have it set up wrong for presentation. You need to redo it all". Yeah. She told me a better way to rework it all and present it, but really? REALLY?
I believe the term for what happened after the call is losing your shit.
Four months of NOTHING and suddenly when I've booked off time to finish up my thesis and discuss the data which I just worked for two weeks to summarize...NOW I find I must redo it.

I'd be more livid, but there honestly isn't time. I have work to do...I must have a draft of it ALL done before mid May and have it finalized by Mid June, so that I can defend in early august. My next section review is due on Apr 17 and the full draft May 8 for final comments and revision. It's doable...but it will be tight. June is for final edits and sending out to the committee.
I am prepared to work my ass of to do this (for a change...*sigh*), but if my supervisor pulls anymore of this crap I won't finish on time. She's done this before...and it makes me want to scream. My other supervisor has offered to tear a strip off of her but I am waiting to see if she redeems herself. If not, I'm happy to set him loose on her...he could wither stainless steel. It really is to my benefit that she is far away or I likely would have said things that I really regretted yesterday. As it stands...I just have a whole lot of work to do.


All aboard the last train to crazy town!


Pacian said…
People can be very helpful, no?

grapecat said…
oh no! what a nightmare. I am not suprised you're livid. hope it goes quick and smooth...

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