Yes. Bring on the coffee and baked oatmeal please.
I am quite ready for the weekend...

J had to work early this morning, and so the cats thought I should get up at 430 too. Little smug furball bastards... I came in to workout fiercely and feel strong and awesome, but I am sure about 2 this afternoon I'll be fighting to keep my eyelids open.
It's been a long busy week. The busy busy is driving me a bit batty, but everything is still getting done, so in the end, I'll live. A little wine and baked oatmeal this weekend will set things right. :)

This weekend I have to do an edit/cut down of my first 2 thesis sections, as well as figure out how to use the reference software I'll be using for my thesis and (snore) put the 200 odd references into it. It will shorten the thesis considerably to use numbers instead of written out references and if I do them manually and edit later the numbers will all change. After having had to do that for multiple manuscripts for other people I do not DONOT want to do this to my 100 odd page final thesis. And so I will start picking away at this when I can and get this changed. MS word has some reference capabilities, but not for all required cases for me, so I must find an alternate. Mendeley might do. It's free, which is a bonus. I'm just dreading importing all the info. Yawn city. And I'm dreading more work on the hypothesis part of my thesis. It's hard to say it all clearly...just must Keep Calm and Carry On as they say. I am quite determined that a draft of the whole thing will be finished by the time we travel to young Grapecat's wedding in May (!!!). Come hell or high water or mild insanity - it will be so. Oh yes. It will be so.

And so, my good peeps, have a good weekend. Relax and hug the ones you love. Have a glass of your favourite beverage and take a minute to feel good about the good things in your lives. I'll join in with you at some point :)


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