What's that spell?

Well today started out well but has slowly meandered towards lameness.
Slept in and work was good, but on the way home (very sad) friends called to say they (who had gone for years) did not get their BurningMan tickets. And later, after working out and heading home on a gong show of a 70 minute bus ride home (normally 15) I just learned we did not either. Been planning for years to go this year. There's likely still a shot of getting tickets, but without the whole camp of lovelies...do I? How do you plan to participate when you don't know if you can go? I mostly hate that this was to me a thesis writing night and I really haven't gotten anything done, despite being all pumped to get at it. Nothing.

At least I made muffins before settling down to a solid evening of nothing.

Oh I know, I know, this isn't much to really get bummed about compared to some. I'm healthy (albeit it helluva stiff from working out this week after not doing so for months) and my job is good. I have friends dealing with pretty major heavy stuff at the moment, and this seems trivial to talk about when other than my thesis I (and a number of close friends) am really just dealing with a LOT of dissapointment.

I just have no desire to tell my luv about the tickets when he gets home...

L to the A to the M to the E


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