the one about beverages

Somewhere between the grocery store and home last night we lost a case of diet coke. Not in the car...just gone.
Somewhere someone is drinking my delicious black fizz juice.

I will have to be content with my case of Canadian 67 - a newer light beer. Normally I'm more of an ale drinker, but sometimes I try and be a little more healthy about my beerism, and this does the trick nicely. It tastes like Heineken, only a lot lighter alcohol wise (only 3%) so I can have a beer with supper and not feel guilty at all.
On other beery topics, I am gearing up to start a batch of apple mead this weekend. I've been gifted 2 L of honey and need only get a bit more along with some organic apple juice and yeast and such and I will be on my way to making what I hope will be the first batch of many delicious meads. My sis in law's parents keep bees on their acreage now. He heh. They are willing to trade honey for mead. This can only be a good thing :)


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