Think before you speak...come on

Today at the gym 3 muscly guys were joking about typical guy jock stuff in the stretch out area. It's spring training for most of the teams right now so unfortunately there is a lot of testosterone floating around. Not a big long as you don't listen to them talk. They generally don't ogle...just get in the way and hog the equipment and make rediculous grunty noises as they lift stuff. can tell these are not used to having women around and being in a locker room from some of the crap that comes out of their mouths.

Case in point: One of them saw a sign posted about a rape/self defence class for women being held on the weekend. He turned to his buddy and went "alright guys it's strategy time! We can go to class and learn what the girls are being taught so we know all the countermoves! They won't be able to fight us off" and they started laughing. Needless to say every woman (and a few guys) around them just stopped and glared at them. They were so dense they didn't even get the first. I had a strong urge to go over and kick them all squarely in the jewels but you know with people like that that it wouldn't make a shred of difference. I knew if I opened my mouth I would have said all kinds of nasty things and perhaps voided my gym membership, but if I ever hear them spouting that shit again I will be reporting them to their coach and the gym desk. I know they were kidding...but that is not even remotely funny to me...

Guys...think about what you say. If you say crap like this in public we can only assume you are even a greater ass in the privacy of your own home, and I cannot believe that your girlfriend would put up with this crap.
Think before you speak. Have some respect.

Ah. That's better. Had to vent a bit. Back to work for me.


Pacian said…
The classic response to this kind of crap is: Remember that even if you're joking, some of the men who overhear you will think you're serious... and agree with you.

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