Apple spice malamel

Just set up my apple spice mead last night. Because I juiced (yeesh) 17 Lb apples for the mead I had to add campden tablets to it and let it sit overnight before I add the yeast. YOu only get ~6 L of apple cider squish from that if you can believe it...I figured I'd get more than that, but you learn as you go...
Never done this before. It's all very wierd. And I feel like it's not up to lab sanitary standards. Yes I bleached the stuff well and used a newer no rinse sterilizer on the other things but...after culturing human cancer cell lines in a lab this feels like monkey lumbering kindergarten stuff that will be totally contaminated and spoiled. Gah. I would hate to do all this and have vinegar in 6 months, but here goes nothing. We shall see. :)

It took an HOUR to get the 4Kg honey and 10L water up to boil for 15 minutes, then I tossed in some Cinnamon sticks and cloves and a T of nutmeg. Poured this into the bucket of apple goo and campden and covered it up...and it smelled lovely. Tonight I'll add the acid blend and a bit of yeast food and the champagne yeast...and then try and ignore it for a few weeks until it's ready to be racked off..
Once I rack it into a carbuoy I need to ignore it a few MONTHS. Maybe longer until it clarifies somewhat.
I think I'm made for beermaking. This takes ages :)
I may have to buy another carbuoy and get some beer going for the summer just so I ignore the mead properly...he heh. Apparently it doesn't taste very good for at least 6 months. Must be good.
I'm trying to get work done on my thesis since it's a day off but I really don't want to.
But I will. Honest.
Just getting my mead angst out...
I figure at this rate should be ready to drink right around my birthday. I will stick a bottle away for christmas...and a few for friends to enjoy on their holidays as well. :) If this works it will be an annual thing for the holidays I think...


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