Geeks for president

My friend Heather just got our tickets for this year's comic con in Calgary. It's in april this year, instead of June and my friends and I are all geared up for a weekend of nerdy goodness. This time I don't have to rush back for anything...I can stay the whole weekend and enjoy. Jay is covering it for work so he'll be there somewhere (likely with backstage press passes...lucky sod). I will be geeking out with my good good friends. Last year was a blast and I can't wait for this year: Adam West. Cast of STTNG. Starbuck. Billy West. George Perez. Dave Prowse. Adam Baldwin. Should be a howl and a half...the costumes and the steampunk stuff last year blew my mind.

This gives me a solid goal to work towards. I'm hoping to have my thesis completed by the time I go to this. THIS is my reward. This will get me going...I need goals. Deadlines that matter to *me*. This will do nicely.

I've finally started picking away at my thesis. Got a solid chunk of work done on saturday and now feel like since I've started I can get at it. Time to buckle down. Get busy on the writing and get it done.

Then a holiday trip to nerdsville...:)


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