Thursday, February 23, 2012

I find your lack of pants disturbing

I am embarrassed and annoyed to report that Saskatchewan is going to have a team in the Canadian Women's Lingerie Football League. No that is not a typo. I'll write that out again so you can see it for the ridiculous thing it is: Saskatchewan is going to have a team in the Canadian Women's Lingerie Football League.

Yes, there actually is a newly formed Canadian Women's Lingerie Football League...where teams of women in bikinis and stocking with suspenders (and a few bits of strategic padding I don't doubt) and helmets play football against each other. Yet another american creation for the entertainment of the drooling masses.

I am curious how the province will play this one. There is a really strict no alcohol served while there is stripping/erotic dance law in the province, and I am curious to see how this fits in there. I mean the main people going to games would be guys, who likely will drink booze and get tacky and rude (because, honestly, what classy guy would go within 10 miles of this sort of thing). If you can't even have a burlesque dance show and serve booze, how is this legit?
Hell, even with is this legit?
Why can't we just have a women's football league? You know, with pants? Like normal people.

My mind is boggled that this is for real and not some April fool's joke.
To me it is truly the very definition of tacky...I mean why not hose down the field before they start so it's all muddy too?


the Bag Lady said...

Don't give them any ideas (about the mud part, I mean).

Nothing about this surprises me. 'Course, not much surprises me anymore.

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