Monday, January 24, 2011

Slow day

Do be do be dooo...

Not a lot going on here.
So I'll do a meme...which I haven't done since *blush* October.

Current clothes: Jeans. brown U of S shirt and brown zip up sweater. Mary Jane shoes.

Current mood: Tired but happy. Took a quick holiday weekend away to Edmonton to get away, visit some friends and dance and relax. It was a nice quick getaway.

Current music: Coldplay, Death and all his Friends

Current annoyance: Losing mittens. Once again I've lost a mitten on the way to work. It was my favourite old pair of hand knitted mittens lined with fleece. I'll have to find another pair this weekend. I thought I was doing so well this year and hadn't lost any yet. I knew it was too good to be true.

Current thing: Trying to get back into the work school groove. It's tricky...things are different and it's not quite settled yet. And admittedly, I just haven't been working as hard as I really should yet. It'll come...

Current desktop picture: A woman playing ukulele on the moon

Current book: Most recent book was the Ansansi Boys by Neil Gaiman. I suspect it will be my last "for fun" book until the semester is done. Current ones include weighty tomes about wuality laboratory control...

Current song in head:
"but that was when I ruled the woooooorld....". Viva La Vida. Coldplay. It's on right now.

Current DVD in player: The new Sherlock Holmes BBC mini-series. I've quite enjoyed it.

Current refreshment: My morning coffee. Yum.

Current worry: How to get caught up on my project stuff and move forward with things. It's sort of at a lull where I need to get everything pulled together and it's a bit like herding cats.

Current thought:
I wonder if some nice fairy will come and clean my home today while I'm gone. By the time I finish work, work out and get home and make supper and do homework I bet it won't get done...pity. Time to start making lists again I suppose. *sigh*

Have a wonderful day everyone. I'm going to dive in and see what happens. :)