Tuesday, January 04, 2011

2011!'ve you been?

I've been downright hermity from this blog, but I was making the most of my time away. Honest.

After so much insanity I had 10 days off.


Christmas was rather mellow and lovely. Received some new kitchen gadgets to play with and had lots of delicious food and mulled wine. I'm all stocked up on naps in the sun, banana daiquiris, eggnog and ginger cookies, pancakes (my new fave is lemon poppy seed...heaven), dancing, movie watching, reading and general slothfulness. New years was a great Tron themed dance party with friends on a quick zip away to Edmonton. I even managed to recover my tattered old favourite blanket with some new soft material and then snuggled under it for days watching movies...

Fantastic. :)

I sorely wish I didn't have to come back to reality, but I'm ready I think.
I can already feel the exercise boost after many days away...and it's a whole new year. 2011! New things to try. Work to do. Booty to shake. So many mad schemes to hatch.

We shall see my little pretties.

Yes. We shall see...


Pacian said...

Happy New Year!

(I've never been to reality, and I'm not about to change that now.)

diddums said...

Happy New Year from me too... Happy new year never looked quite right somehow (without the capital letters). But it makes more sense as perhaps the Happy New Year has already gone.


I know the 'watching TV and never minding about anything else' feeling. But my New Year Resolution is to wake up a bit more and get more things done... the nice things I always meant to do. Good luck with all your endeavours!