Monday, January 10, 2011

Girl Talk Shmirl Talk

I just don't get all the hype over Girl Talk.
I heard about him a few years ago and got excited - someone remixing and doing mashups. Great. I love that stuff. But the thing is...he's not the only person to do that, although the way the world hypes him up you'd think he was the first. Some of his mash ups are pretty cool, but I'm thinking his appeal has to be more of the "ooh ooh I know that song!" thing happening throughout the album. People like the familiar. And it's built to dance to...I get that too. It's ass shaking stuff for sure. The thing is, KLF did this 20 years ago. Friends of mine can do it off the cuff on the turntables. Done very well it's a real treat to hear. I just don't like how he's doing it.

The thing is, I don't mind the tunes...some of the mash ups are downright brilliant. But for me my big beef that I really can't ignore is this: the lyrics. I'm going to sound old and curmudgeonly, but after listening to the whole new Girl Talk album to give it a fair listening to I have heard enough "niggers" titties" "ass"s and "whore"s to last me for years. I've heard about angst and how they all might pop a cap in my ass...or how they want to shoot me or lay me down and do X,Y and Z to me (oh baby yeah). I just don't need that in my music. I like to shake my ass with the best of them...but I don't like music that is so overtly sexual or misogynistic that I feel uncomfortable. I don't like when people are objects or when others wallow in their lust or anger. Do that at home. Not in my stereo.
If he remixed with 75% less whores I'd be all up ins. As it is, I have to applaud him for his beat matching and mash up skills, but I won't be listening to it again, even to workout to. Sure I could tune out the lyrics...but they creep in your head. They get in there. And soon all those things would be in my head filling in nooks and crannies with negative crap...I like to choose the smut that enters my head thanks :)
I'll have to keep on looking for new tunes...

PS - hello to everyone who came here by googling titties :)


Peter T Chattaway said...

I've ogled titties, but I don't think I've ever googled them. ;)

MaCanuck said...

"I have heard enough "niggers" titties" "ass"s and "whore"s to last me for years. "

Says the girl who used the word "ass" independently at least twice in this post....apparently you haven't had enough ass yet.

MaCanuck said...

Wait for it....

Pacian said...

Ass isn't a swear, it's a beast of burden.


Geosomin said...

Yes. Trent.
I can say ass whenever I want.
My blog.
My rules.
And even you, if you were to come by my house and randomlly yell ass at me about 30 times in half an hour I'd want to kill you too.

MaCanuck said...


You have no sense of comic timing.

I'm going to go torment Peter on his blog for a while.

Geosomin said...

comic timing, my ass.


NOW who's the funny man :P