It's a balmy -33 C out this morning. With the windchill it's a mere -43!
Yes, it's supposed to warm up tonight to slightly more civil temperatures but holy whackadoo, that's cold. Our car is at J's work plugged in because it wasn't when he tried to go home yesterday without it being plugged in it wouldn't start...even after a few hours of being plugged in it was still a brick. Here's hoping it does start today after being plugged in all night...

I must say that I do enjoy taking the bus in this weather. I can wrap up like a sausage and no scraping or driving (or crashing, ahem) for me...just sitting with my tunes or podcast all toasty warm and stress free.

Even the gym near the windows was cold this morning working out. I picked the machines furthest from the wall...Sheesh.

I know this level of cold doesn't last but it always amazes me that we go abut out daily lives.
I'm crossing my fingers for a warming up soon...

And it's made me think about these guys again. I always *almost* order one of these every winter in this stupid cold phase, since I've no hope of ever making one...

This year I may be the year...:)


grapecat said…
this is admittedly very very random but i have been printing out beard patterns to knit this afternoon myself. neal and steve do a zztop song in their gigs and i am going to knit them pull on beards to complete this classy approach :) are you on ravelry? look up beard under pattern search. if you like any of those i would be happy to knit one for you :)

so beard synergy. what does it mean?!

stay warm

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