Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Pew pew!

Apparently my eyes just keep getting better.
Yes it's true. For only 3 low payment of $99 you can...ahem.
Sorry. Started to feel like an infomercial there.

Thing is, I just learned this morning that I can apply to have the eyeglass restriction taken off my driving license because my eyes (which have never really ever been all that bad) are now officially within the 20/20 range. They have been slowly getting better for years.
Sure I still will get a new pair because I'm used to the world being in perfect squeaky A1 focus all the time, but I've thought for over a year now that I honestly could drive without my glasses just fine. It's nice to know I wasn't just deluding myself.
AND it would mean I can wear normal sunglasses while driving...which is cool, because I've never had any other than those lame clip on ones that sort of reflect an image of you eyes back on the lens and the pair I was planning to turn into sunglasses are the ones that broke.

If only I could get lasers installed too.

Pew Pew!