Netbooks are really spiffy

Help me great pulsating brain at the center of the universe...for I am doomed.

I have 3 weeks of insanity coming up in which I have many many assignments due, as well as a poster presentation and my semi-annual MSc paper and lecture. Oh and, you know, just my regular job...and MSc labwork. I am trying not to wig out. Only 4 more weeks until the semester is over and I get my life back for a while.

In an attempt to try and do more I broke down and got a little netbook so I can uplink to my work PC from home and use the PC compatible software I need at home, as well as have my work PC run all my high powered technical stuff from home (because my netbook would freeze if I tried to make it do that). My little robot is a definitely worth the few hundred dollars I paid for it if it does all it is made out to. I didn't want to buy a whole new full computer and so I ignored the whole PC issue until I did a bit of reading up on netbooks and how they're compatible with my work network and just what I could accomplish for a small amount of cash. I kept ignoring the PC issue because my Mac laptop works just fine, but the incompatibility of it, combined with my desire to not spend 18 hours a day here at work (and nearly losing my mind on a few occasions) ended up with me getting this little unit. I am already feeling it was well worth it and I've only just set it up for use. Sure it isn't very powerful, but I have a laptop for anything more than the basics. I have to say it is cool getting just what I need for something to solve my IT problems in such a futuristic way. I am looking forward to seeing how this little guy helps me out with all my work and keeps me sane in my MSc to come.
We shall see...

But at any i said. Crazy town time.
I will be so busy I cannot even say for the next while. Don't take it personally if I'm not posting.
I'm just working my ass off and trying to keep it together.Please stand by - I may not be back until the semester is over...wish me luck...

LATER: after initial tests the robit does everything it should admirably. Not as super swift as my Mac...but that'll do pig, that'll do.
Plus it has a webcam.


Trent said…
Not wanting to be the mac fanboi, but you do know you can run PC software on a Mac, right? You'd still need to buy a copy of windows, but it will install quite nicely with bootcamp or using a virtual machine like the free Virtual Box or the cheap VMWare Fusion or ... drat, I keep forgetting the other one's name.

Also, you can link to a PC from a mac, assuming you're using decent software to do it like Or, if you're running the mac in boot camp...well, anyway.
Geosomin said…
Trent - I'm tired so this may come off as pissy, but I know all that. I checked all my options out. This research software I'm using is hughly technical. I tried all that. Trust me. It didn't work. It "should" but it just froze up my Mac laptop or gave me gibberish when I pulled it back onto a PC. And I know I can link to the network with my Mac, but again - not compatible with the lab software or the things I need to run on my work PC when files are pulled form system to system. Also, the U of S network is highly secured and only allowed remote access by a specific way that they install and monitor, so I have to play by their rules. The amount of work and $$ and time it would have taken to try and redo my Mac and likely STILL have it not work? I can't have this data and work corrupted or screwed up. I'm already at my limit...the easy solution is my a little notebook. It perfectly solves my problems.


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