Hear me baby...hold together

I am losing my mind. Toooo many things to do and many annoying people randomly fucking with my life at the precise moment it is not needed. Today's one example of many (and non-work related so I can freely vent it): Like sending in an optomotrists report to get my prescription taken off my license. I called and asked what to send. Confirmed it and then I sent it. Just got a letter saying thanks for what you sent, but could you send *this* too- because that's not what we need at all...

Wankers. All of them...

But. On the very very plus side, my friends Nick and Laurel just had a beautiful baby girl...all sweet and scrunchy and tomatoey faced... and two more wonderfully kind and peaceful people there are not in this world, so I know this baby has a great place to grow.

And I am glad to know that wonderful joyous things still abound...I was starting to wonder.


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