Did I ever tell you how lucky you are

A few days ago, Carla (aka. Mizfit) said she learned this from Dr. Seuss's Did I ever tell you how lucky you are? :

"Screw motivation. If we are physically capable of working out we are lucky. No matter how much we wanna whine or lament or moan about how bad we have it the simple fact we are ABLE to exercise makes us one of the lucky ones. "


This morning I was exhausted and stressed out and worried about all I have to do today before I can sleep, and you know what? I got in to the gym and within minutes the flowing movement got me soaring...focused...thinking...feeling *GOOD* about being alive and all that I can do with my body and mind. For a few minutes I could get lost in what it feels like to move and enjoy moving...no stress...no worries. Just me.

I may be a year older but I honestly feel younger than I have in years. :)


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