Howls of love

My Geek has steadily been losing his hearing over the past 6 months. At first we thought he'd suddenly decided at the ripe old age of 15 to take up opera. Now that he seems quite thoroughly deaf the howling has let off a lot. Which is good because he really needs to keep his jedi day job...he's not a great singer :) Nothing is wrong with him that can be seen...he just seems to be getting old.
It has made having him about a bit more interesting -it is hard to call or admonish a deaf cat. Often "the voice" was all it took for him to know he was behaving badly. I am finding I accidentally startle him a bit more than I'd like to, and am trying to remember to tap on the floor before I just walk up and pet him from behind. Other than his desire to destroy the back of the downstairs couch I really have nothing to complain about to him. All in all he is a wonderful old man. Geek is a people cat, liking to watch what we do, and still plays like a monkey. He has become something of a snugglecat as he got older and I am home less often, which I love.
He is currently a big purring blob on my lap, keeping me company after a long day in the lab and a few hours out in the yard raking leaves. After a nice hot shower and a crisp gala apple I do believe the Geek and I are going to read a book for a while.
For fun.
One with nothing to do about labwork.



Pacian said…
Not startling my mum was one of the many things to learn when she lost her hearing...

Skritches back to Geek.
the Bag Lady said…
My old cat has decided he needs to sleep with me. Every night. On my pillow. Or, even better, on my face.

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