Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Fall Meme

It's been a while.
I have time to kill.
So here ya go...because I know you're all dying to know the random wibbles of my daily life...

Current clothes: Jeans. Orange polo shirt and socks.

Current mood: Guilty. I brought an adaptor to work this AM (thought it was my brothers cell phone adaptor he said he’d left at the lake and I’m meeting him for supper) and then my husband spent an hour at home this morning looking for it (because it was *not* in fact my brother’s but part of my husband’s light board…which he needs today for work...heh) and so he was stressed out for no reason and quite late for work. AND has to come to my work to get it. Fucksticks.

Current music: just listened to Blur, Think Tank.

Current annoyance: Hearing people complain about being busy as they sit there doing nothing while I run around like an idiot trying to keep my life on track. I do a zillion things cuz I have to and don’t whine about it and then they’re done…of course maybe they just did that and now that they’re *done* they feel free to bitch about them. Hmm…

Current thing: trying to fit exercise in my already full days

Current desktop picture: A woman playing ukulele on the moon

Current book: I just finished Good Omens by Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaiman -loved it.

Current song in head: Hey Mr. Bassman…sung by Scooter and the band from the Muppet Show. Don’t ask…I don't know how it got there either.

Current DVD in player: Currently rewatching Torchwood season 1.

Current refreshment: Thinking about running to get some lemonade.

Current worry: Just had random wiring issues with my furnace fixed and it’s supposed to be OK now…but now wonder what else in my house can just randomly arc or combust…

Current thought: Wish I’d just left that adaptor at home this morning, or mentioned it in passing to J before I left. Funny how a little act of what you think is helpfulness can totally bugger up someone’s day. I *meant* well…

Here's hoping I manage the rest of the day better :)