Friday, September 17, 2010

The best intentions have screwed me over

Know how I just said nothing could bring me down?
I just received the results back from the external lab testing of my MSc project stuff...and they totally did NOT do what they were supposed to. They took my stuff and redid it as they thought would be best and not what they were told to...meaning I have way more work to do than originally and the results are NOT quite what they were supposed to I'm struggling with trying to figure out a new way to analyze my results because I can't do what I was supposed to and it's all I get. I could have prepared them differently and gotten better results from them this way had I known what the f*ck they were going to do. What a great reward for all my hard work! As a bonus, since they're doing a favour for me to analyze them like this I'm not really in the position to complain... so I just have to sit here and imagine hitting the tech over the head with a baseball bat while I try and salvage as much useful data out of these different results as I can.
It's not very cathartic. I need a bigger imaginary bat. Maybe a tazer...

I appreciate people trying to take initiative but this is not their project to screw with...there is nothing like expectantly waiting 2 months for the results of a lot of hard work to find more work... I think can make it work for mostly what I want, but it isn't what I'd really needed and will extend what I have to do just that much longer.



diddums said...

That's very frustrating... couldn't they at least have checked with you first?