I am slowly going crazy, 1,2,3,4,5,6, switch!

Well hello there.
Here I am again at the lovely Chez Laboratory, in my home away from home. Yesterday was a 15 hour day and more of the same today...I have a stat assignment due and cell lines to culture and more MSc stuff. Busy...but somehow thriving on it. Something about throwing my wobbler and then making a game plan for what to do next has taken away some of the jibbelies and gotten me focused again. I have deadlines. I thrive with deadlines. J is equally busy with his job so we're cheering each other on and trying to get things done for a few moments home together...

My knee is still a bit twingy from the spin class abuse on monday so I gave it another day off and have just come in early to work to have a few minutes to sip coffee and check in on the interwebs and get my sh*t together before another long day.

In the end, eez gutt people. :)

Yesterday morning a sparrow flew in the bus and fluttered a bit and then settled in on the steering wheel of the bus, much to the joy of the driver. He was looking at me (it was 6:05 and I was the only one on the bus at first!), the road and the bird saying "look at the little guy!" and grinning madly. Eventually the bird flew near the back door and someone getting off managed to shoo it back outside...odd little things in my day keep happening to make me smile. I like to think the world is trying to keep me sane in what little ways it can :)


Anonymous said…
I've been hoping for some of those moments of sanity. Was feeling fine, then people (in real life) started twitchetting for things to be changed... Wish they would just leave things alone. Seriously! Sigh.

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