Monday, September 20, 2010

Everybody making a sound....

Well I feel a bit better.
I worked hard this weekend got to visit old friends and unwind a bit. J was sweet and took me out to a great thai place and helped me unwobble. Yes, I'll have a whackload of work to do, but it is what it is. I'll just have to buckle down and do it.
I got up for another spin class of doom this morning. I arrived late and got one of the crappier bikes, which seemed to bug my knee a bit, so I'm going to make a point of getting there earlier and try to get a better bike. The last thing I want to do is screw up my knee...I think I'd go nutso if that happened. Tomorrow is swimming so that should take some of th edge off. It's stiff but not sore so I think it'll be OK. I'm trying glucosamine supplements to strengthen it...we shall see.

I've been listening a lot to the Gorillaz: D-sides album lately. I like it even more than the Demon Days album it is a B-side album for . I leave you with a track from it that has been stuck in my head all day - it's using some of the audio from another Gorillaz song I like called Dare and making a new equally great song out of it... Have a good day everybody.