Back on the wagon again

Well I finally got to the gym after trying all week to make the schedule work for me.
I made the 6am bus and got to the University Physical Activity Center and checked it's nice. I'm curious to check out the pool and their spin classes next week too. They even have a climbing wall...but I'm not interested in that. I had plenty of time to check things out and have a workout for 35 minutes on the treadmill (I tried my very best to just speedwalk but I did run a few 2 minutes spurts...couldn't help myself. Listening to Prodigy when I workout does that to me). I wore my heart rate monitor to make sure I got a good's a fun little toy. It tells me if my heart rate is in cardio range, for how long and how many calories burned. (I think I'll log it out of curiosity...and be my own new lab experiment!) Then, after some other muscle stuff an some stretches I still made it to work on time with a cup of coffee.
Now if it would only stop raining I'd be happy as a clam. :)


Rimshot said…
I'm curious if you get an energy boost or crash the second half of the day.
Geosomin said…
I get a boost all's strange.
Occasionally I get the "runner's high" people talk about when I work out but I have more energy all long as I don't go nutso on the caffeine I'm much more up all day...reminded me why I do this in the first place...

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